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Hubay-Art Bt. main role is to organize Hubay Concert Ensemble concerts while it also serves as a management company to help several other art-related bands to express themselves at different festivals during the whole year.


Hubay Koncert Ensemble was founded in 2005 by István Sket who was the professional artist of Rajkó Art Ensemble for 25 years then of Honvéd Budapest Dance Ensemble and of the Ballet Company of Iván Markó. He was awarded with the International Lyra Price for his work. For 5 years he led the Rajkó Art Ensemble as an art-manager during this time he helped them reach 16 countries of the 4 continents and under his managing the orchestra was invited nearly to every home festival. In 2013 he founded and directed the National Roma Hungaricum Artists Ensemble.

Over a period of years he has made himself familiar with the genre of classical music, folkdance, ballet and light opera.

Director: Mr István Sket


Hungarian Festival Ballet: Romeo and Juliet in Jerusalem
Istvan Sket as Juliet's father

"You cannot inherit culture. Ancestral traditions disappear rapidly unless each generation re-conquers them for itself."
- Kodály Zoltán


We undertake various corporate events and we also organise complete cultural programs:

  • - Choreographing shows dance events and balls.
  • - Traditional dance shows based on different cultural dance stlyes as well as modern ones too with extravagant custom-designed choreographies.
  • - Create a Multi-Arts productions.
  • - National holiday performances, city celebrations, company anniversaries, concerts in conference rooms, on the streets, at theaters and extreme locations.
  • - Interactive programs at training courses or at trainings for companies.
  • - Full-organizing and arranging weddings.
  • - Managing classical music programs and concert series.